“As an architect, I have been working together with Ivonne Kutzner for nearly 20 years. Our cooperation is marked by transparency, honesty and dependability. Potential solutions are weighed up pragmatically, improved together and implemented. This process has consistently produced high calibre, sustainable and economically efficient results. I have always been impressed by Ms. Kutzner’s combination of strategic ideas, transparency and her personal approach. I could only wish for more business partners like Ms. Kutzner.”

Alexander Bertsch, Bertsch Architects

“In managing and developing our portfolio, we have worked closely and successfully with Ms. Kutzner over many years. We have come to value Ms. Kutzner as a partner who is always scrupulously correct, fully professional, and dedicated to her work.”

Peter Pistor, company owner and entrepreneur

“A strong character with outstanding knowledge. Ms. Kutzner is never afraid of firmly stating her views, yet our cooperation has always been extremely pleasant. In our work together on the Board of the association, I have come to greatly value her qualities. Loyal and charming, her direct, target-driven approach leads to excellent solutions. Dear Ivonne, many thanks for the excellent cooperation!”

Thomas Groth, Management Board Groth Gruppe

“As a lawyer, it’s common to find clients with no thought of systematically preparing their case – something you could never say of Ms. Kutzner. She has always explored and exhausted alternative options for resolving disputes, has all the relevant information at her fingertips, and takes decisions promptly. In short, the cooperation with Ms. Kutzner is productive far beyond the usual measure and very pleasant on a personal level.”

Dr. Hans-Georg Meier, lawyer, DBM Rechtsanwälte

“For many years, I have been working on a trust basis together with Ms. Kutzner in the real estate sector, and very much value her directness and clarity. In addition to professional expertise, our cooperation is based first and foremost on mutual respect. In particular, for many years we have shared the objectives and values of sustainable real estate management in a liveable city. In every respect throughout this time, our business relations have always been impeccable.”

Margit Hilbrich, architect and property valuer

“You don’t need to take us to court, Mr. Ruhe – unfortunately, you are quite in the right!” That was the first sentence I heard from Ms. Kutzner on the phone shortly after she became Managing Director of a larger property management company. Her approach is marked by just that frankness and straightforwardness both to her business partners and staff, and it produces successful solutions amazingly quickly. That’s why it was always a pleasure to work with Ms. Kutzner.”

Peter Ruhe, lawyer and notary (ret.), Ruhe Rechtsanwälte

“I’ve worked in various capacities with Ms. Kutzner over her years as Managing Director of Königstadt Group. Thanks to her impressive analytical mind, she gave the business processes a clear structure and, by setting systematic targets, contributed to the company’s positive development. I always valued her as a business partner, both for her professional and personal qualities. I wish her every success in her future job as a real estate consultant.”

Elke Hagemann, Managing Partner, HGH Service & Abrechnungen GmbH

“As Chairman of the Königstadt Group Supervisory Board from 2007– 2014, I came to know and value Ms. Kutzner for her very Berlin sides – frank, direct and prompt. Thanks to her many years of experience in Berlin’s real estate sector, her knowledge covers an amazingly broad spectrum. Working with her in the executive management was pleasant, instructive and rather successful. I profited from having come to know her and – I am sure – so will her clients in future.”

Dieter Ulrich, Berlin, lawyer and auditor

“In my role as Chairman of the Königstadt Group Supervisory Board from 2000–2007, I worked together with Ms. Kutzner. In brief, what sets her apart is her quickness of mind based on extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of the real estate business. With an admirable sense of purpose, her management style is geared to profitability, and her straightforward approach well able to take customers by the hand and guide them to success. I am quite sure she will offer the perfect advice.”

Theo Schroth Dipl. Volkswirt, Berlin, economist

“You can still find them – people impressing me by their outstanding professional expertise and such distinctive characteristics as determination, integrity, reliability, hard work and helpfulness. Ivonne Kutzner is one of them. For more than half a lifetime, I’ve known her in very different jobs. As an expert contributor to my “Berlin Professional Seminars” company, she has taught innumerable beginners how to establish and run a properly functioning property management business. Always ready to engage in discussions, she found the time to answer my many questions on everyday issues in property management. Her knowledge, which I was honoured to pass on to the readers of my magazine, has helped many people in their everyday working lives. In her role as Managing Director of the Königstadt Group, her leadership skills with their mix of amenability and definiteness have always been just as impressive as the business successes under her guidance.”

Dieter Blümmel, Publisher, Grundeigentum-Verlag GmbH, Berlin

“Over the last years, I’ve often worked with Ivonne Kutzner and have seen her dealing with teams and companies in a variety of situations. It is extremely rare to see a Managing Director so acknowledged, respected and admired by her team. Everyone who deals with her soon realises she had a vast expertise on all aspects of real estate. She has a remarkable talent for getting straight to the heart of an issue while still keeping the overall picture in mind.”

Ulvi I. Aydin, !Aycon, Munich

“Looking for expertise? That’s what you’ll get. And someone well respected? She is just that. When I had to trust Ms. Kutzner’s judgement simply because she knew more and could do more than me, I was never disappointed. And she persevered in our cooperation for over 14 years.”

Jost Etzold, Varel

“Our paths crossed nearly 17 years ago. From what was then the rather ‘fusty’ Königstadt Gesellschaft company, she rapidly developed a modern business offering services for all aspects of real estate. I have come to know and value Ms. Kutzner as a dynamic business leader, decisive and strongly proactive. Her extensive professional expertise has always proved a decisive help for us. Thank you for 17 years of our business partnership, and wishing you all the best and every success in your new career.”

Thomas Hummelsbeck, Managing Director Rheinwohnungsbau GmbH, Düsseldorf

“As an external real estate agent, I have been supporting the Königstadt Group since 2010 in areas beyond the usual office issues. In my professional field, there are many connections to Königstadt and hence also to Ms. Kutzner as the Managing Director. In Berlin’s real estate sector, she enjoys a considerable reputation, both for her professional and personal qualities. In professional terms, she is exceptionally skilled, pragmatic and goal-oriented, and is very convincing personally. She always keeps her word – and that total reliability is something I will certainly miss. I would like to thank her for this cooperation based on mutual respect and trust.”

Johannes Wegner, Wegner Immobilien Consulting, Berlin

“Show me your employees and I’ll tell you who are.” Professional, prompt and helpful, that’s how I experienced Königstadt on a recommendation, without already being a customer myself. Only afterwards did I come to know Ms. Kutzner personally, and I was not surprised to find my impression was correct. In dealing with her employees and customers, she is professional, friendly and positive, and has an impressively extensive knowledge of her area. I wish her every success with her own business.”

Ronald Janzen, Managing Partner, JHS-1 GmbH & Co. Verwaltungs KG

“Clear, solution driven and proactive. Those are the qualities Ivonne Kutzner brings to her work as Deputy Chair of the BFW Landesverband Berlin/Brandenburg, a regional umbrella organisation for private small and medium real estate companies. Her approach to her tasks is coupled with her outstanding professional expertise which, in this honorary position, she puts at the disposal of the organisation with complete commitment.”